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            This diversity includes everyone and excludes no one.


            Living Rock, Youth Resource Centre exists to be a safe place of community & support for youth

            Living Rock has provided programs that engage, encourage and equip youth towards their personal development goals for 36 years in Hamilton.

            Last year, Living Rock responded to over 12,000 visits, providing essential supports to one of Hamilton’s most vulnerable populations: youth between the ages of 13-25, who are affected by significant risk factors such as loss of family, poverty, substance misuse and mental health. These youth need support to navigate the social systems to find ways to meet their basic needs of food, education and shelter. The programs and services offered by Living Rock Ministries provide a continuum of care for youth and their children, while offering opportunities for personal development, life-skills and employment training.

            Together with your support, we are providing youth with the support, education and opportunities needed, to build towards a brighter future. 

            WE WOULD LOVE TO

            CONNECT WITH YOU!

            If you would like more information please call us today or better yet come for a tour some time soon!

            CONTACT US

            SUPPORTS WE OFFER YOUTH 13-25

            -FREE meals for 7 days a week

            -Hamilton’s only youth food bank

            -Youth can do laundry on Saturday for free

            -Access to showers and hygiene products

            -Educational assessments & support

            -Prenatal & parenting support

            -Life-skill groups (i.e. anger management, budgeting)

            -Employment training & placements

            -Computer and WIFI access

            -Food Service Training

            -Recreation opportunities & YMCA

            -Crisis Support


            -Life-Skill & Work Readiness

            -Drop-in Program

            ***The TRI-Rock Employment Program is available for youth 18-30

            “And the King will say,

             "I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!"

            Matthew 25:40

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